Open day…

Running through the marks by Louise Kirby

What a successful open day!  DJCAD staff visited my studio and made really valuable comments; and fed back on my progress and work to date.  I was visited by Mike Press, Sandra Wilson, Frances Stephenson, Christine Kingsley, Louise Valentine, Janice Aitken, Sean Kingsley, Jeanette Paul, Jane Keith and PHD student Lesley McKee.

My main aim is to change my business model from being a hand printed scarf designer to a surface pattern designer who works to commission and collaborates on surface patterns for a wide range of products from architecture, packaging, ceramics, fashion, furnishings, stationery…….  I was looking at the key steps to re-brand myself and the changes I need to make with my visual signature to final resolved designs.  It’s a very exciting time and also very intense with all that I want to achieve!

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