A trip to the zoo.

Entrance to Camperdown Wildlife Centre

Having a splash to cool down in sunny Dundee

Signage to Camperdown Wildlife Centre







Just spent the morning taking some photos at Camperdown Wildlife Centre in Dundee. I enjoyed wandering in the sunshine and seeing the animals.  There’s a selection of pygmy goats, donkey, scottish wildcats, snowy owl, rhea, golden eagle, wolves, ring-tailed lemur, wallaby, brown bears ………  I wasn’t there just for a jolly I was looking for some colour inspiration as well as animal silhouettes.

There were some funny sights with 2 rhea chasing each other and falling; and a golden eagle running with giant legs that look like they belonged to a yeti!  There were some beautiful peacocks with exquisite coloured feathers that were very inspiring.  And of course the 2 brown bears that just look like they want a cuddle.  The Wildlife Centre has just had a new entrance and coffee shop which looks so much better.  A wee thanks you to Cara Pirie for letting my borrow her fab Nikon camera to do some close ups with her zoomy lens!

Running Rhea

Exquisite colour of the peacock

Beautiful Tail Feathers

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