Light the North trail

This 2.5 meter tall lighthouse was great to paint!

My design Shimmering Shoal was inspired by shoals of shimmering mackerel swimming amongst the stripes of the Scottish Sea. I love that each silvery shimmering mackerel has beautiful distinctive tiger like patterns. I have them swimming together round the lighthouse. In my work I love to capture a sense of place and retain the hand painted quality of wonky lines and subtle mark making to give added texture and movement in my work. 

My lighthouse is part of Light the North in the north east, Moray, Shetland and Orkney raising money for Clan Cancer Support. Big thanks to Anderson Anderson Brown LLP for selecting my design. If you spot Shimmering Shoal in the Rose Garden (Cathedral Walk), Seaton Park in Aberdeen, please tag me in on social media or send me a photo by email Here are some work in progress photos

painting the mackerel

I love taking part in the Wild In Art trails as they allow me to use my skills of applying colour and pattern to 3d shapes. They raise money for charities and the trails themselves are great at encouraging people to get out and about and explore the area.

I popped up to Aberdeen to see it in person on a lovey sunny day and I’m delighted on the beautiful location of Seaton Park, it’s located in the Rose Garden on Cathedral walk. If you’ve got kids there is a great playpark next to it and a wee snack van.

You can check out my other Wild in Art Sculptures on my website along with other examples of my work here.

You can check out all about the Light the North trail here with maps to download or theres an app to download to see where they are all postitioned.

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Provincial Penguin Loving Local Foods

Hello! I’d like to introduce you to Provincial Penguin!

I’m delighted to have painted a penguin on the Maggie’s Penguin Parade.  Number 64 on the trail map, next to the 5 penguin sculptures.  It’s great to be part of the trail of 80 penguins to find in Dundee and surrounding areas and the money raised is for Maggie’s Dundee.  You can find out more about it here.

Provincial Penguin is inspired by the delicious visitors’ offering for tourists visiting the area.  Filling its tummy up with local produce such as Dundee marmalade, Dundee cake, strawberries, shortbread, salmon and fresh fish.  You may even find something from a hotter climate on it’s tummy inspired by my sponsor.  Big thanks to Nandos Dundee for picking my penguin design. 

Here’s a few photos of the process of me painting my penguin in The Wellgate, I enjoyed painting along with other artists and designers. Continue reading