Half way there @Anthropologie !

Wow – so it’s the end of my first day at the Anthropologie Edinburgh storefront and what a great, really productive day!

I wasn’t sure how it was going to go weather-wise, as just as I started putting down the first brush marks, the rain started spittering down… But it just goes to prove that painting the world with colourful marks works – the more I painted, the more the rain stayed well away!

Everything went well until I needed to get a little higher – my little wobbly ladder coupled with the challenge of being only 5ft 2inches, meant that I just couldn’t get high enough to paint – luckily some scaffolding inside the store was found and constructed to form a platform for me to keep on painting – a surreal but fun experience!

It was great having passers-by – lots of people gave me encouragement; saying they’d read my blog; people asked me about who Anthropologie were; a policeman told me he’d have to give me a ticket for loitering!; and one man suggested I add some red to my artwork to make it clash… I didn’t take his advice (sorry if you are reading this!). It was also nice having film maker David Council following my progress and being close-by – in those moments of feeling slightly odd, it was nice to be able to turn around and see a friendly face.

I’m already about half way through the piece and looking forward to getting the stencil patterns out tomorrow – I’m pretty sure that when I start painting again, it will be another sunny day!

Remember to enter the competition before this Sunday to win one of my scarves – more info on my blog – good luck!


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