Artwork taken off….

The giant artwork I created for Anthropologie Edinburgh George Street is now down.  If you missed me creating the Artwork or didn’t get a chance to see it in person in Edinburgh you can check it out the video of me creating it here.

A big THANK YOU to Concept & Graft for creating the film of me and my work for Anthropologie temporary storefront hoarding.  I love the film, I think it really captures a sense of me and my work.  Film maker David Council was great – really down to earth, which made me feel at ease, so much so that I forgot the camera was there and just smiled as I painted, printed and stencilled all my colours and patterns.  You can check out the other projects  Concept & Graft website.

I just saw the film on the Guardian website too.

Looking forward to the store opening on the 15th June 2011!

2 thoughts on “Artwork taken off….

  1. Congratulations, Louise, this storefront is absolutely gorgeous. I love how the different organic and organised patterns complement eachother.

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