Snail trails……..

I spend a lovely few hours with some creative crafty ladies at my ‘Create your own bespoke shopper – drawing with Stitch and Button’ workshop for Fife Contemporary Art & Craft.

To start the session I showed some of my samples with various stitch techniques, then we all had a rummage through the buttons – everyone loves buttons!  Stripy ones are my favourites!  I really encouraged creativity in a relaxed atmosphere and I hope all the participants enjoyed the session and it has given them a taster or inspiration to continue being creative!

I created a stripy snail design meandering across my shopper.  I am fascinated with snails and their trails.  I’m continuing to work on it in the evenings to as I find it really relaxing.All the participants created lovely things from – tree with button leaves, art deco flowers with a lovely red and black button border, flowers using all the stitches, chain stitch bamboo using lovely wool, intricate patterns and motifs.

It was a lovely relaxed atmosphere at the venue Vic in St Andrews, where we got the tastiest scones with cream and apricot jam – yummy! (i had more than one!!!)

Thanks to Fife Contemporary Art & Craft for inviting me to run a workshop in St Andrews.

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  1. It was a lovely session. Thank you for inspiring us with so many ideas, buttons, yarns. It was very relaxing and you were an excellent teacher. I will definitely send you a photo of the finished tree.

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