Transforming St Johns Maternity with artwork enhancements

Spaces have been transformed at St John’s Maternity ward in Livingston to give a warm and welcoming environment using artwork enhancements.

Picture – Chris Watt Photography 07887554193
Picture – Chris Watt Photography 07887554193 www.chriswatt.com1

Staunch Industries applied my designs to a range of surfaces from tables, artworks, window manifestations, wall vinyl and fabrics. My role involved research, consultation with different user groups, development of concepts the decorative artworks.

Through the consultation period I identified key themes and considered colours, shapes, imagery and the user experience.

Picture – Chris Watt Photography 07887554193
Picture – Chris Watt Photography 07887554193
Picture – Chris Watt Photography 07887554193

I would like to thank the new parents who spoke to me on the ward, maternity staff and parents who had used the service recently who met with me at KidsnKiz and Lothian Maternity Voice.  For me the consultation is really important to help me get a deeper understanding of how the space is to be used and to identify colours and imagery that would help create a positive experience. 

I believe it is important to create spaces that help alleviate the anxiety of a hospital visit. Thanks to Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charity for funding this project.


The designs concept taken forward combined positive and meaningful nature based elements such as flowers, seeds, leaves, strong resilient pinecone, dandelion wishes, aromatherapy plants to echo new beginnings and the positive journey of giving birth.  

The designs on the ground floor have a sense of movement to echo the ebb and flow of giving birth. The first floor is a more homely, cosy environment with growing flora and fauna.

Consultation quotes

Like the lavender, nice and calming, triggers a response linked to aromatherapy

Kidz n Kin parent/CARER

Small flowers with grasses to give movement

Maternity Voices

I like the flowy feel, like the textures and suggestion of nature

Kidz n Kin parent/carer

Initial ideas after consultation

From the consultation I had lots of ideas and worked on concepts. Here are some of the initial ideas. 

These concepts were developed further to create the final designs for the different areas of St Johns Maternity ward.

Picture – Chris Watt Photography 07887554193

I have a vision of the world full of colourful creative interventions to bring more joy to the spaces we play, live, work and travel through.  My aim is to uplift and connect people and highlight the positives by creating artworks that capture a sense of place which creates a sense of belonging.  I love to do this with my use of playfully applying colour and pattern.

If you would like to know more about my work and see samples you can see more on my website 

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