Flying the nest…

Here are some of my recent paper designs created during my time through the Crafts Bursary in conjunction with Creative Scotland and DJCAD.

Louise Kirby 8

Louise Kirby 4

Louise Kirby 6

Reluctantly I’ve cleared and moved out of my space in ‘the room’ in the textile department.  I’ve finished my time there and have taken my wings to fly to pastures new. I’ve found the experience so valuable to take time to consider my crafts practice, looking at all the strands I have with workshops, making products, designing surface pattern.  I’m going to reposition myself to being a surface pattern designer who creates patterns and illustrations for all surfaces from stationery, fashion, furnishings, ceramics and architecture…

During my time I had a chance to try new things, learn new skills, reconsider my business model, have mentor support and meet lots of other creative people, such a great vibe at DJCAD.  I highly recommend the opportunity.


challengeAs part of the Crafts Bursary we are encouraged to take risks to push our practice.  On Thursday 17th Feb, myself Louise Kirby (surface pattern designer), Gilly Langton (jewellery) and Fiona Thompson (ceramicist) were briefed from Prof Georgina Follett and Dr Louise Valentine in the board room at DJCAD.  We had till 9pm to come up with a product in collaboration with each other using our specialist skills.  From this experience it taught us that we have strong creative skills as well as the other roles we work well in. Louise Kirby (designer, project manager and positive encourager), Gilly Langton (designer, summariser, marketing and pitcher), Fiona Thomson (artist and thinker).  I throughly enjoyed being part of a collaboration and work well with others in an enthusiastic, positive manner and see this as one of the ways forward for my business.

Not in a straight line

mood board

As a designer I never seem to go in a straight line, my thinking and ideas sparking off all over the place going off in tangents.  I’ve been doing some sampling with different materials and surfaces.  Today was pulling it all together to create a coherent story.  Always great to have my mentoring session, they are so valuable! After my session with Josie I created mood boards to bring everything together.

Crafts Bursary

Studio at Duncan of Jordanstone in 'The Room'

Being awarded the ‘crafts bursary’ has really got me thinking about the big picture.  I’m very good at being busy all the time and not taking time to reflect, so this is a great opportunity for me and my practice.  Another great thing is that I have a mentor, Josie Steed that I can bounce ideas off and get advice every few weeks.  There’s such a great buzz at the art college and it’s an very inspiring place to work.  I’ve a space within the textile department , that i’ve surrounded myself with mind maps, images and fabric samples.