Berry Blair Tallboy

Thanks to Jen and Kenny from Brodies Timber for inviting me to collaborate on this piece.  I loved adding a pop of colour and a local story to the piece of vintage furniture and they restored it and french polished the drawers.

This design is inspired by my summers as a child picking berries at my uncle Willie McIntyre’s fields in Essendy near Blairgowrie.

Memories of colourful berry baskets tied round my waist with string, popping red raspberries which were hanging from the bushes and hiding under the leaves, delicious juicy berries bursting with flavour and the stripes of the dreels up field.

In this bespoke hand painted piece, I’ve tried to capture a sense of place of my happy memories of picking berries, by playfully contrasting patterns and using meaningful references. 

I enjoyed re–naming the colour to:

  • Raspberry Red
  • Nabbler Green
  • Sun bleached baskets
  • Retro Teal
  • Orange String

It was great to be in the space and I loved the workshop with all the tools on display and so much lovely wood around with all the warm colours and patterns in the grains.

It was great to work alongside Suzanne Scott from Whimsical Lush who was also painting a vintage piece. You can see me painting another piece of wood that will be used in modern furniture. Looking forward to seeing what they turn it into.

Louise Kirby and Suzanne Scott at work in the workshop

Hallyburton Collection Autumn/Winter 2014

Patterned Fields Swirl 72dpi webHere’s my new images for next years 2014 Autumn/Winter Hallyburton Collection.  All inspired by where I live on a country estate in the heart of Perthshire, Scotland.  I’m surrounded by an abundance of inspiration on my doorstep!

Louise Kirby Woodland Wandering 72 dpi

Mood a circleMood c circleMood b circle

Mood d circle

Mood e circle

Mood f circle

I’m continually inspired by the changing seasons and fascinated at the harmonisation of the flora and fauna blending together.  You often find me exploring knee deep amongst the grasses and dotted wild flowers, wandering through the woods of dappled trees and patchwork fields – I hope my designs capture the essence my surroundings.

Elemets brush 72dpi web

Pheasant Footprint brush 72dpi web

This new Autumn/Winter 2014 Hallyburton Collection uses a palette of greens and a hint of warm chestnut.  Some of my artworks include my fascination of pheasants as I follow their footprints around the estate, textured of stacked logs and expressive dotty marks of nature’s elements.

tree rings repeat merged 72dpi web

I create sophisticated patterned artworks for your products using my signature style of a lovely organic movement using repetitive marks and textures in delicious colours.

Stacked logs stripe 72dpi web

Patterned artworks collections can be licensed or I can be commissioned to create something bespoke for your products.

Patterned Fields Green 72dpi web