Outdoor Art Engagement

Just an update on an outdoor art project with a 3rd Year group from the Prince’s Trust XL Club at Arbroath High School.*Prince’s Trust xl clubs are for young people aged 13 – 19 for developing their skills and confidence for a positive future

I designed and delivered a 6 week creative engagement programme with interior designer Sooz Gordon to work on team building, allowing participants to be expressive and try new techniques and break a few perceptions.  Over the weeks we took art out of the classroom and workshops took place outside.  We creating transient art in the school grounds –  from ground graffiti, yarn bombing, hula hoop structures and mild vandals.  Mild Vandals was inspired by a current international graffiti movement.  Each session was fast paced due to the limited 50 minute lesson time.

mild vandals 2

It was lovely to be invited back to the school where the pupils gave presentation about the project, describing the processes, showcasing the artworks and explained what they enjoyed and they were very vocal in how much they enjoyed it in their presentation and written work.  The group were very entrepreneurial and wrote a letter to a local baker to get some delicious cakes.

I felt this project was a success and pupils discovered they can create art from anything, and it doesn’t need to be permanent.

I really enjoy being  Artist in Residence, part of the Creative Learning Team at Angus Council Schools & Learning which allows me to use many of my creative thinking and skills.  This project was supported by the a member of Arbroath High School staff and Community Learning who run the group, which was really valuable partnership.

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