A wee bit of magic in the woods

IMG_5292Last weekend for Easter I created a wee bit of magic in the woods with a trail in the countryside with clues and things to do for my family and friends.  Ending in the woods where I created a giant nest filed with golden bunnies as prizes, blue painted stones round tree trunks and on a tree added some windows, doors and washing line to encourage a bit of imagination.

IMG_5284IMG_5267I loved playing and coming up with the idea for space outside and for everyone to experience the magic too.  I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids!

IMG_5270For me doing this brings together a few strands of me and my work with my love of nature and my scottish surroundings, love of adding a bit of colour and pattern and the current development work I have been doing for Angus Council Schools & Learning in partnership with the Ranger Service to develop a resource for schools and nurseries to use in their outdoor venues.

I think you’re never too old to play and be creative outdoors!  It really invigorates me and I think engaging with nature has really good positives for curiosity, learning and wellbeing.


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