Peek at the V&A Dundee Hoarding


Just back back from my holiday so I missed the reveal of the winner of the V&A Dundee Hoarding Design, I was itching to find out as I was in competition against them for the tender.  I drove past to get a peek.  Here’s a few snapshots.

comic 2comic 3comic 1

Well done to  comic illustrator Will Morris and graphic designer David Mackenzie for their ‘adventures in design’ comic idea.  I may not have won but I see it as a positive experience being able to showcase my work to both V&A Dundee and V&A London panel.
close up

I was delighted to be put forward by a panel, as one of ten designers chosen to tender to design the V&A Dundee hoardings.

With a clear brief, prestigious project, large scale, Dundee links and tight deadline it really got my creative juices flowing.

My concept was to ensure the proposed hoarding design echoed the organic flow of the building and the surrounding environment to create balance and harmony using my signature style of organic movement using repetitive dynamic marks and textures in delicious vibrant colours and playing with the juxtaposition of colour, scale and pattern.

The massive 184 meter length of the hoardings and my signature style allowed me to bring 3 key themes together – landscape, silhouettes and recipe.  Where the design included expressive marks, patterned silhouettes of design objects and local icons with a sense of place on the River Tay. The surface pattern and themes merging together to create a coherent design.

Here are some of my initial sketches for the tender –


augmented reality blue painterlyrepeat recipe in colour

river tay repeat

For me to work out my creative response I started with sketches/ideas/tests, making decisions along the way to help me visually and verbally clarify my concept.  For me it’s important that the design worked close up as well as far away and that the different sections tapered and blended together, so I thought it important to show that I had a full understanding of how my design might look to scale, so I made a scale model sketch with opening out flaps of sections.

hoarding scal model small

With my love and connection with Dundee, my signature style and previous experience of hand painting the hoarding for the Edinburgh store opening of international luxury retailer Anthropologie.   I showcased some of my portfolio and put the tender in a decorated box and hand delivered it.
hoarding box small
Looking forward to seeing the waterfront transform and the building take shape!
Here are some examples of my portfolio –
hoarding sample
Sketcheswinter in dundeeWinter in Dundee Cards
vision of v and aVision of V&A Dundee Wool Wall Hanging
anthropologie hoardingAnthropologie hand painted hoarding for Edinburgh store opening, 10 meters x 4 meters.

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