Drawing Dundee by illustrator Louise Kirby

Dundee PehToday I’m starting a new project called Drawing Dundee.  I am going to draw local products and places in the city and around the city and post every Wednesday on my social networks –  so keep your eyes peeled. (starting Wednesday 2nd March)

I love drawing and capturing the essence of a place or object and I see patterns everywhere which inspires me to design and give an insight into all the positive things about Dundee from iconic places to tasty treats.  There is a real spotlight on Dundee at the moment and I believe it’s time for us to shine!

Drawing is an important part of my design process, it allows me to sketch and explore objects and ideas before developing them into designs.  I feel my decorative style retains the hand drawn qualities that adds uniqueness and individuality.
Within my illustrations I use pattern and mark making to capture the energy and atmosphere of the hotchpotch of different things that sit shoulder by shoulder in this small city, that makes Dundee unique.

I’m not 100% sure where this idea will go but for me the journey is important – maybe if I do enough I might be able to map the city.  I have a huge list of things I want to draw but if there is something you think I should include please let me know what it is and why you think I should draw it.

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This all started from the great fun I had for taking part in FUN A DAY in January where I did a drawing a day.  You can read about FUN A DAY here

So my first drawing is a Scotch Pie, also known at a Peh in Dundee.  I bought in Clarks bakery just up the road from my studio.  It was difficult as I was  hungry when I did was drawing it, think it speeded up my drawing so I could eat it!  I did a series of drawings and developments that led me to creating this piece.  Let me know what you think.

Dundee Cake

As you may know I also have a Dundee Cake already available in a greetings cards, available at Jessies Kitchen in Broughty Ferry and DCA in Dundee.


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