Artwork for your home

I loved painting these 2 bespoke murals in a cool kitchen.

Process involve, a chat with the lovely couple about what they wanted, we talked about their favourite things, love of vintage style and what they liked about my signature style. This helped me form the brief and created a couple of sketches of ideas that they chose from (options to have changes but loved what I created.) From there we picked dates to suit, and defined the vintage colour palette. Then I painting all the layers of colour and pattern, which was joyful. (See me in action)

I’m grateful they were brave to ask me and trusted I would create something they’d love! They wanted 2 murals, one next to the alcove and a homely one next to the wood burning stove, they look good individually and also connect through colour and imagery so work together in the room. 

I think they turned out well, what do you think? Can you imagine a mural in your home or office? I love taking people’s ideas and creating bespoke designs.

Making a splash

Here is my artwork I created for the new manicure and pedicure space within The Sunflower Rooms in Dundee.  Owner Jennifer Comiskey approached me after seeing the video of me creating the giant storefront art work for Anthropologie.  She wanted me to create something unique for her space not just a painting or feature wall paper.

I was delighted to be asked to use me signature style (pattern, colour, markmaking, silhouettes) to create a bespoke artwork that reflected an elegant femine feel in the colour scheme of red, grey and black.  
First I came up the some sketch ideas of what I proposed to create based on an initial chat and look at the space.  Then I showed Jennifer and she chose her favourite and gave me artistic freedom within the room.  The actual painting took a few days using a mixture of hand painting and stencilling.  The artwork grew and flowed around the room.

The room has a lovely contemporary feel and it’s nice to have something other than sunflowers too!  Jennifer used other local business to create her bespoke beautiful space.

I hope clients enjoy getting their twinkle toes and fancy fingers done surrounded by my colourful artwork.

Here’s some photos of the artwork in progress.