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  1. Congratulations! – I am so looking forward to seeing your design. (I entered the competition with my illustration colleague, Shiv illustration and although we were disappointed not to be chosen, we loved this project) Envious, of course! but very happy for you…!really well done!

  2. “Autumn Rising”.
    I know that is only two words but it says it all for me! If you need three words then “New Autumn Rising”

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  4. really going crazy over your work and seeing it on the anthropologie store wall! congratulations! i was just in york, england…which feels like it’s near Edinburgh for me coming from the states…and i took a painting class with artist flora bowley who introduced me to using a foam brush. i just loved using it to stamp and spread color…my other paintings incorporate stencils and spray paint so i’m super happy to see your work as it really resonates 🙂 congratulations again! best wishes to you and thank you for all of the inspiration!


  5. Congratulations, Louise, this storefront is absolutely gorgeous. I love how the different organic and organised patterns complement eachother.

  6. It was a lovely session. Thank you for inspiring us with so many ideas, buttons, yarns. It was very relaxing and you were an excellent teacher. I will definitely send you a photo of the finished tree.

    • Thank you so much Anabel. Great to be part of this project and use my design skills to attract attention to the tree.

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  8. Great information here for a newbie, like me, or a returning Dundonian, like my other half. There’s lots of places I’m excited to explore!
    Thank you x

  9. Congratulations louise and all your co-designers. Your explanation of your process is clear, and the finished range of outputs positively joyful!

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